Will Angelina Jolie really quit acting?

Since the past couple of months the A list actress, Angelina Jolie is hinting to quit acting. In, a recent interview, she has stated that a project named Cleopatra, that she is working on, may be her last.

The Ancient Egypt Pharaoh based film is a tough piece and though I am sure she would put her best in it, she has stated it to be “complicated”. Nonetheless, if Angelina Jolie is quitting then Cleopatra would be a perfect seal to her acting career. The roll might call for so much from within her that little would be left.

It may be little of a surprise to most but other than being a mother to six kids she must also be  having her hands full to plan a wedding with Brad Pitt, who has been her fiancé since the past two years.


Angelina Jolie With Family

Angelina Jolie With Family

They have been discussing a date for their marriage to suit their busy schedule but with six kids, I think the priority would be fun. She teased that it just might be a paintball wedding.

She talked about her desire to quit earlier saying that she would leave the big screen eventually when her kids hit the teenage years as it would get really busy at home. Sure enough like all responsible and doting mother, Jolie keeps her kids at her top most priority. And Maddox, her eldest is already 12.

Her recent movie, Maleficent has just hit the cinemas and is going quite strong. But the former Tom Raider star mentioned that she opted to be an actress because her mother wanted her to be one. Acting obviously was never her first love. She has always been more interested in working behind the camera or focus on humanitarian work. So even though the new Disney movie maybe a feast to your eyes don’t get to attached to it as the beautiful actress might just be done

Maleficent, co starring Elle Fanning

Maleficent, co starring Elle Fanning

Without doubts Angelina Jolie has been a great philanthropist in the past.  She has visited over 30 countries around the world and put her own life at risk at more than a few occasions. She has visited war affected countries as well as countries that are struck by natural disasters. She is the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and is also founder of the “Maddox Jolie- Pitt  Foundation” (named after her eldest son who was adopted from Cambodia)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visit Haiti

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visit Haiti

The Oscar winning starlet has a huge fan following and will obviously be hugely missed if she decides to quit her on screen work but she might still be there working off screen busy doing something she had actually aspired to me.

Whatever the decision might be, the 37 year old, Oscar winner has ruled over Hollywood for very many  years and might well continue to do so with a different kind of work. Whatever her decision would be in the end we love her for what it’s worth as she is an inspiration to many out there.

Michael Jackson – 5 Years later

This month, June 2014 will mark the fifth anniversary of the legendary pop star Michael Jackson. The news outlets are filled with rumors and gossip – all trying to find some new angle/news to boost their page views.  For a celebrity whose life was dissected by the paparazzi during his life and then a hundred times more after his death, it must be hard to come up with new content.

A new book based on his life called ‘Michael Jackson, Inc’ by Zack O’Malley Greenburg provides an interesting outlook on the pop music legend. It talks about how he had an uncanny business sense  that had some of the bigger business moguls nodding their heads at his business ventures. O’Malley mentions MJ’s productions and ventures left the entire industry watching with awe. He made billions form these ventures, but then, the high risk and grandiose plans backfired on him and left him almost bankrupt towards the end of his life. Not to mention that he is making more money after his death as compared to while he was alive.

One of the interesting things seen recently was the Michael Jackson’s hologram appearance at the Billboard music awards last month. While I wasn’t there to see the live event, the videos of the appearance look pretty amazing. Its almost like he was alive and really performing there.  From what I had read online, the few minutes of the holographic video cost several million dollars. But still the technology is impressive and bound to get better and cheaper as we go along. A lot of stars are already recording videos of them in various generic poses that can be saved and used later to create high quality holographic performances in the coming years. Most notably of those is Elton John who spent 3 weeks recording videos using the latest holographic cameras to preserve his legacy.

Madonna shared some never seen before pictures of her and MJ from their days together. She also reminisced about her friendship with Jackson before they became insanely popular. “I was madly in love with him’ says Madonna in the 2009 MTV video awards.

Michael Jackson with Madonna

Michael Jackson with Madonna

So 5 years after his death, Michael Jackson is still a celebrity, bigger than ever before. He left a somewhat troubled legacy with the molestation lawsuits that still hang in everybody’s minds. The circumstances of his death also created a scandal where his doctor was accused of wrongfully treating him when he was brought in for treatment. And then to bask in the limelight of the great pop star, various imposters started popping up to offer their versions of the life of Michael Jackson, creating more scandals, lies and rumors than the ones that surfaced during his life. Can you imagine how much anguish these lies cause MJ’s family and his kids? Maybe we couldn’t ‘live and let live’ when the star was alive, but now that he’s dead we should have the decency to let his family some privacy and live their lives. It’s a big shadow that everybody is living under, even when he is dead.

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